The Palace
50 apartments arranged on five levels

“Palazzo Talenti” was born from the renovation of a block of the Borgo Teresiano Trieste, where the stylistic approach very sober exterior blends the meticulous research of interior space and the needs of contemporary life. “Palazzo Talenti” consists of 50 apartments, arranged on five levels, with all the comfort and characterized by contemporary elegance.

Choose the way you want to reach us

By Car

Take the motorway A4 from Venice, or A23 from Udine which signal Lisert exit. Follow Sistiana-Strada Costiera, and then take the SS 14, a panoramic road that leads directly to the city center (18 km).

Pass the railway station (the train station) on your right and follow the road keeping to the left.

Make a left turn on Via Milano at the second stop-light, then go through two intersections stop-lights and turn right on Via Mercadante.

To your left there is a parking space reserved for clients of Palace Talenti right by the entrance door.

Car parking

“Palazzo Talenti” has one reserved loading/unloading area on via Mercadante for short-term parking (check-in/check- out) and valet parking services.

We also have an agreement with a parking place located five minutes from our property at a price of €14 per night (regular price is €16). Typing Foro Ulpiano on your navigator will bring you easily.

At check-in you will be provided with a map and instructions to get to the Foro Ulpiano parking lot.

Nearby are public parking places available identified by blue lines; the service costs 1,50 € / hour.

From the airport

Ronchi dei Legionari: 33 km from Trieste.

A shuttle service (bus number 51) from the airport to the city center costs € 8,00. A ticket sales office is located inside the airport near the exit.

There is taxi service from the airport exit at a price of about € 65,00.

From the train station


Leave the station through the main exit. To your left-hand side a taxi station is located. The ride takes about 5 minutes. The cost is about € 5, depending on the hour and the number of suitcases.


Exit Trieste Central Station using the main door. Turn right and walk a few meters until you reach Corso Cavour. Walk in Corso Cavour to the intersection with Via Milano. Walk in Via Milano until you reach Via Saverio Mercadante (see map).

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